A major leap for your music

Send music to the best media, labels and influencers. Get feedback, and more!

Enlarge your network

You want a review in that blog you love? You want to get in touch with your favorite label? Email won't work. Use Groover instead!

Simple and affordable

Contact anyone for $1 or $2. Simple, right?

Your music will be listened to

Groover ensures you that reviewers will listen to your music for real. Get a precious feedback from the person you've reached or get refunded.

Media, Labels & Influencers

Discover new artists and earn money. Your email inbox will thank you!

Discover cool artists quickly and easily

Receive and treat all requests directly on Groover.

Be actually paid to listen to new music

You are paid each time you listen to a tune and write a feedback.

Bring back your inbox to its original purpose

No more overwhelming email requests in your inbox !

Their lives have changed

Independent musicians and their representatives now have an efficient and affordable tool to be listened by the best music influencers. The media, record labels and influencers have finally found a way to be paid for their music discovery.

Hugo Ferreira

Label (Omnichord Records) & Manager - Portugal

"Groover was an amazing surprised. Our artists (Surma, Whales…) were overwhelmed with positive feedbacks. We could sense that the media really wanted to discover music. Groover is not only about sending music, it’s about creating meaningful connections."

Théo Maxyme

Independent musician and Label A&R (Active Records)

"From the test version, I’ve found the idea awesome. It really facilitates my music discovery on a daily basis. I can’t wait to meet with the first artists after having had a crush on their tunes on Groover."

Youdy Bilika

Radio host and music selection (Radio Campus Paris)

"I always start my day in music. Thanks to Groover, I receive on a regular basis a great selection of tunes, and very often find new crushes for Radio Campus Paris! Excellent concept."

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