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Another Whisky For Mister Bukowski

The blog on music and culture which does not take kids for wild ducks, and whatever it might mean.


Sound Of Brit

Join Sound of Brit, where the best (and the worst but it's unusual) of British music is covered.


Maze Magazine

Monthly online magazine on culture. Written by 90 students everywhere in France. News, music, cinema, art...

  • Indie, Pop-Rock
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • British and Irish Music ONLY
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French (for UK and Irish artists)
  • Eclectic, Rock, Jazz, Electro, Indie
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
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An indie and retro music webzine, looking for music nuggets since 2013. Reviews, live, acoustic sessions and more!


Rock Ur Life

Keep you posted on the rock scene hot news while making you discover the rockstars of tomorrow. It's our destiny.


Listen Up!

Eclectic music blog bringing the indie scene to the spotlight and promoting young emerging artists.

  • Indie Rock, Pop, Folk, Eclectic
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French & In English
  • Rock, Alternative, Indie, French scene
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • Eclectic, Indie, Emerging
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French

La Vague Parallèle

Music blog from France and Belgium. Reviews, interviews, live reports, playlists and gigs selection



The sound trapper - Music news, retro focus, playlists 'OMG It's Monday!'. GOD SAVE THE BEATS.


Efflorescence Culturelle

Music discoveries, cinema reviews, interviews and sessions

  • Indie Rock, Pop, Electro, Eclectic
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • Emerging, Hip-Hop, Electro, Disco, House, Indie Pop-Rock, Reggae
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • Pop, Rock, Folk, Funk, Electro, Indie
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French

I Love This Track

From Hip-Hop to Rap, along with soul, electro and disco, with a lot of great beats.


Boulimique de Musique

Music and culture blog from Montreal, filled with musical discoveries getting off the beaten tracks.


Just Focus

Culture blog, sharing reviews and video interviews of emerging and more confirmed artists every week.

  • Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, Electro, Disco
  • Share on Website, Playlist, Social
  • In French & In English
  • Pop, Rock, Indie
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French (CAN)
  • Eclectic, Pop, Rock, Indie, Soul
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
La Distillerie

La Distillerie

A distillery of music discoveries of all kinds. We're highlighting emerging artists through their stories, from their beginnings to their future.

Rock Made In France

Rock Made In France

News on "made in France" music (from French or people having a strong link with France) - albums, videos, live shows, and the rock encyclopedia


Bretagne Actuelle

Music and culture magazine on Brittany, the famous French region. Bands and artists having a link with Brittany, this is your showcase!

  • Eclectique, Artistes émergents
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • Strong Link with France ONLY, Rock
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French (for French artists)
  • Eclectic, Albums, Link with Brittany ONLY
  • Blogpost, Social, Exclu
  • In French (for artists from Brittany)

Mauvais Magazine

The Bad ("Mauvais" in French) Edition to collect. A quirky magazine with a focus on music, poetry and art.



Sharing indie, alternative, rock and electro nuggets. Music media, upcoming shows, live reports and playlists.



Since 2006, MusikPlease has offered its readers to discover music through reviews, live reports and interviews

  • Indie, Pop-Rock, Underground
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Exclu
  • In French
  • Electro-Pop, Indie Rock, Techno, House
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Exclu
  • In French
  • Eclectique, Rock, Indie, World Music
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Exclu
  • In French

Le Gorille

Means "The Gorilla" - Music blog in a thousand colors. Concerts, interviews, partnerships, reviews and innovative channels. Let's soothe our hearts with music.


Les Oreilles Curieuses

Website sharing music discoveries through qualitative reviews, 80% indie music and 20% other genres. Artists and bands you cannot miss!


Pop Occulture

Blog based in Iowa, sharing garage-rock, punk, psych-rock leaning to the darker and noisier side.

  • Indie, Electro
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • Indie Rock, Pop, Electro, Underground
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Exclu
  • In French
  • Garage-Rock, Punk, Fuzz, Psych, Loud music
  • Blogpost, Social
  • In English

Les Insouciants

Les Insouciants make the bet to give their readers the taste of searching for new music nuggets.


Do You Like That Song?

Your daily source for Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Chill, House & Indie Pop tracks. Blog started in 2012, based in Paris.


Slip Inside This Sound

Slip Inside This Sound is a brand new bilingual underground music blog (English and French), based in Paris

  • Indie Pop-Rock-Folk, Emerging scene
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French
  • Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Chill House, Indie Pop
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Exclu
  • In English
  • Indie Rock, Pop, Electro, Underground
  • Blogpost, Playlist, Social, Premiere
  • In French & In English


Meloman is a new and strong community of rock and electro music addicts. Youtube channel and active Facebook group. Also writes for

  • Rock, Post-Rock, Psych, Chill Wave
  • Interview on Youtube, Share on FB Group
  • In French

Webradios / Radio shows


Deep Kulture

We Play Music with Love, We Share Music with Soul... Become electronic!


Hotel Radio Paris

Webradio based in Montmartre, Paris. Organizes interviews, DJ Sets and Live shows.

Indie Ways

Indie Ways sur Prun' (92 FM à Nantes)

Music discoveries radio show, every Wednesday from 8 to 9 PM live on Prun' (92 FM in Nantes, France)

  • Dub, Reggae, Funk, Disco, Hip-hop, Garage, Électro, New Wave, Trip-Hop, Rock, Pop UK, Instru, Expérimental
  • Webradio, Playlist
  • New wave, Cold wave, Electro, Techno, Trance, Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, Garage, Grime, Pop
  • Interviews, webradio, playlists
  • Indie scene, Modern pop, Hip hop, Rock, Folk, Movie Soundtracks
  • Radio, interviews


Gramophiles makes the choice of diversity and brings you to a music journey with no frontier!

  • Colorful music ! Hip-Hop / African / Caribbean / South American and many more !
  • Interviews, radio, playlists

Independent journalists


Angèle Chatelier

@Oui FM / "La page culture d'Angèle" : cultural news information report, editorials and opinion pieces.


Youdy Bilika

Business developper @Open Minded, radio show 'Les coups de <3 de Youdy' @Radio Campus (Vaudou Paname), also @RINSE


Randy Assala

Writes for Konbini and Noisey (Vice). Rap, hip-hop & soul digger.

  • Indie rock, Jazz, Pop, Folk
  • Articles, Radio shows
  • Urban and emerging music
  • Articles, Radio shows
  • Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul
  • Articles

Julien Naït-Bouda

Writes for Longueur d'Ondes and Gonzaï. Digger of sounds coming from everywhere.

  • Eclectic (Rock, Pop, Indie, Electro, Hip-Hop...)
  • Articles



Blog des Pépites Musicales

Deep House & Disco - Playlists by mood Collective of 3 DJs - Flagrants Délices nights in Paris

Ondes Marteaux

Ondes Marteaux

Free and subjective weekly playlists by a passionate digger working at Radio France.


"Indie Picks #1 : Nov 2017" by Perpetual Cactus

Perpetual Cactus is an infinite radio - playlists with cool stuffs, sounds and cactus.

  • Chill Music, Deep House, Disco
  • Playlist, Social, Mixtapes
  • Indie, Libre, Inspirations
  • Toutes plateformes de streaming
  • Indie, Emerging, Discoveries
  • All streaming platforms
bringing-them-to-light-2017 2

"Bringing Them To Light" by Indeflagration

Showcases new tunes of year 2017 by emerging Indie, Pop & Rock artists 🌠

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.07.44 AM

"Panic System's Ipod" by Abraxas

The great adventure of 'Seigneur Citron' by the band Abraxas.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.52.43 AM

"Folk Indie Chill" by Stephan Seeger

Playlist chill with Adele, The Lumineers, Bon Iver. Spotify only - 2660 subscribers

  • Indie, Pop-Rock
  • All streaming platforms
  • Indie Pop, Bedroom Pop, Ambient, Techno
  • Spotify, Deezer
  • Chill Music, Folk, Pop
  • Spotify

"Cold Wave on the Ice Floe" by SÉVIGNÉ

❄️ 🌊 Cold Wave & New Wave Cool Sounds by French band SÉVIGNÉ 🌊 ❄️

  • Cold wave, new wave & post-punk
  • Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, YouTube